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Huawei Live eClassroom

While for the limitation of space and time, how to present all the valuable lectures to more students is the main issue of today education society. E-classroom can solve such issue by delivering lecture at anywhere at the same time. With the e-classroom solution, Students can involve in the lessons at different  campus, office or even at home. Student can participate in real time learning and interact with the students and teachers at the main campus by using video conferencing end point solution. With this real time interaction, it will increase students’ interest in learning as well as the quality of lecture to deliver.

•The following picture show how the set up made in the main campus


There are 6 views can be deliver to the remote site by using intelligent video analysis, automatic tracking and directing.


Benefit of E-classroom

Video analysis that allows auto-directing, automatic switching between multiple channels of cameras, and no undesirable frames
Teaching process and contents are transmitted with two channels of video streams, focused on classroom interactions
Real-time interaction using CD-level voice and1080p@60 fps dual stream video, H.264 HP+VME2.0
1080p HD video recording and live broadcasting, and ubiquitous access from diverse terminals anytime, anywhere
One button to access the main classroom, immersive experience, ease to use 



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