Enterprise Mobility Management


  1. Customized Management Format – based on the enterprise’s demand in accordance with layers including MDM. MAM, MCM and higher requirement on mobility and security
    • Assist BYOD Strategy Execution – by separating official and personal information inside the device, to avoid impact on security and privacy of staff
    • Prevention on Security Risk – including device, application, network, human factor, proceeding diverse deployments, allocations and management strategy to construct all-rounded information secured working environment

Client Benefits:

  1. Strategic deployment in the user profile
  • Customize user profile based on access level and demand
  • Allocate resources efficiently
  • Achieve precise control on information circulation and Apps security
  1. Information Security Management
  • Implement all-rounded security management on devices, commercial Apps and content in the mobile devices of enterprise’s employee
  • Ensure seamless linkage of different layers of security (Customize managing policy applied to devices, application and digital content)
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