A EUS/ERCP Medical Workshop was held on January 8 – 9, 2015 by the Departments of Medicine and Surgery of The University of Hong Kong.  TVS was honored to partner with Huawei to provide technical and equipment support during this event.
A highlight of the workshop was the introduction of the Huawei Tele Medical Video Conference Solution.  With the use of Huawei’s dual-streaming 1080p60 HD video conference system, a surgery was broadcast live from two remote surgery rooms in Queen Mary Hospital to audience at the workshop theatre and among other lecture rooms in HKU.
With this comprehensive VC system, video images were projected across three screens during the surgical operation. Workshop speakers could freely switch among various image sources with the touch of a single button.  Not only did audience from various locations experience an uninterrupted, high-quality, live broadcast of the surgery along with videos of the patient’s Ultrasonic wave, X Ray and gastroscope; they could also communicate with the surgeons in real time.
This HKU project is a showcase demonstration of the strength and versatility of the Huawei’s Tele-medical Video Conference system.